Saviours of Life PSG Hospital performs cardiac surgery on new born infant

Social prejudice
Striking out on the social taboo regarding cardiac disease in the antenatal period,
Dr C. Ananthanarayanan added that most expectant parents panic and opt to abort the child after detecting such problems during pregnancy. Over the decades, medical development has ensured the treatment of these critical disabilities if approached by the right hospital with advanced facilities. Meanwhile, institutional delivery is significant, wherein moving the newborn from primary care to multi-specialty care can take time, worsening the baby’s condition. All of these must be under consideration when it comes to delivering a child.

PSG Congenital Heart facilities
PSG hospital facilitates a robust congenital heart surgery and heart disease programme, treating congenital heart diseases for a wide range of age groups right from newborns, infants, toddlers, school goers and even grown-up adults with inborn cardiac diseases.

From providing the right cardiac counselling to diagnosis and treatment, PSG Hospital has accomplished in delivering its best care to even the most complex cardiac disease by their expert Pediatric Cardiac care program.

A family is complete only with off-springs and delivering them is a crucial stage. Everything from health to growth is to be considered as they carry forward the legacy of the family. Irrespective of the walks of life, every mother adores her pregnancy period. What if there is a complication in the baby?

Certainly there is cure for such high risk deliveries and all you have to do is approach the right medical centre for its treatment and adhering to this statement PSG Hospital facilitates such complex treatments.
Accordingly, PSG hospital doctors once again become the saviours by performing open heart surgery on a newborn infant within 18 hours of birth.

Reportedly the congenital heart disease within the fetus was discovered during the 20th week of pregnancy. The infant suffered from ‘Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection’ (TAPVC). In this condition, the oxygen-rich blood which was supposed to enter into the left side of the heart was wrongly draining in to the right side of the heart leading to exceedingly high pressures in the lungs and dangerously low oxygen levels in the body – a fatal condition if not treated on time.

Remarking the surgical success,
Dr Bhuvaneswaran, Director of PSG Hospital, emphasized the victorious journey of the cardiology department at PSG Hospital since its establishment in 1999. “We have achieved great milestones is the due course, wherein we succeed in the heart transplant surgeries including robotic surgeries as well.” In addition, he applauded all the cardio-surgeons of PSG Hospital for their medical excellence in saving hundreds of lives.

Dr C. Ananthanarayanan, Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon at PSG Hospitals, said, “The complexity was in the immediacy for the surgery with rigidity in time to save the newborn’s life. Besides, the fact to be considered is that the organs of a newborn infant are very immature, especially their temperature regulation system.”

Post-surgical care equally requires constant attention to ensure the baby’s recovery and stability. They are very vulnerable to infections requiring a professional team to handle such critical care. He is very happy that the child can look forward for a complete life like any of us.

Discussing the importance of the pregnancy scan, he highlighted the technological evolution in the medical field that has enabled detection of many crucial diseases, especially for pediatric care. Anomaly scans done around 20 weeks of pregnancy can detect majority of inborn heart diseases.

Dr Vinoth Doraiswamy, Senior Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, PSG Hospitals, emphasized the immediacy of diagnosis and treatment of TAPVC. It occurs in two types; one with a pulmonary veins blockage and the other without block. The need for this diagnosis is mandatory since the treatment for each varies accordingly.

In the first type, immediate treatment should be rendered to save the infant’s life. The second type provides time for the infant to be under maternal care and then carry forward with open heart surgery.

Commenting on the surgery, he stated pulmonary blockage detection is impossible in fetal echocardiography. The fetal echo mentally prepares the mother for the delivery. He acknowledged the expeditious work of their neonatology team. ”The post-surgical stages are the crucial points wherein the child requires constant monitoring. Our team has tremendously worked for the same, ensuring a healthy recovery of the neonate.” The baby is at home growing up well with expected weight gain and development as his peers.

Dr Lalitha, fetal medicine unit, stated that initial pregnancy counselling is the important stage and it is plays a vital role in preparing the mother in facing the upcoming challenges in the child birth. She added that PSG Hospital pediatric doctors played a vital role in preparing the parents for the birth by providing confidence regarding the available cure for heart disease.

Meanwhile, Dr Lavanya, neonatology team added that in the previous days, such conditions were identified only after birth. With advanced technological support at PSG Hospital, they were able to identify the issue during pregnancy and aid the parents with right medical counselling.

“To be noted this baby had severe respiratory suffocation few hours after the birth, wherein CPAP ventilation was prioritized. Under the guidance of chief Neonatologist Dr Ramesh, we were able to succeed in stabilizing the neonate in its early hours of life and hand over him in a stable condition to the surgical team”, she added.
As a note of gratitude to the doctors for saving their baby’s life, the father said, “We were in dilemma to terminate or deliver the baby. Our approach at PSG was our right decision, wherein Dr Vinoth Doraiswamy and Dr Ananthanarayanan briefed us on the challenges and gave us the confidence in delivering the baby alongside providing the right treatment procedures.”

The mother added, “Doctors assured this to be one time surgery and then the baby can lead a normal life and take up any career of his choice including competitive sports, which lead to the confidence in continuing the pregnancy and words can’t explain the happiness in taking home our dream of life in a healthy condition”.