The more you know the better you become

Vivekananda Institute of Management Studies (VIMS) inaugurated the Students’ Association ‘Cambista’ for the current academic year. Guest R.Varadarajan, Director of Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Limited and President of Coimbatore Management Association presided over the event with the lighting of the lamp along with Dr. C.Guna Sekaran, CEO, VIMS and Dr.Valarmathi, Director, VIMS.

The installation of the new students’ association bearers was presided over by Dr.Valarmathi. The association holds Subhash appointed as Chairman, Romario Krinick Burnard as Vice Chairman, P.H.Keerthana as Secretary and M.Mithun Ganesh as the Treasurer.

While addressing the students on their responsibilities, Dr.Valarmathi insisted they have the utmost dedication to bringing out innovation every day. Through the newly installed clubs, innovation and creativity are prioritised in culminating industry-ready students.

Dr. C.Guna Sekaran, CEO, in his presidential address, glorified the achievements of the guest and his profound professional accomplishments. Meanwhile insisted the students make the best of the provided opportunities. Also to learn a wide range of topics sufficient to make themselves fit into the corporate world of business. The market demands creative ideas and inculcating an innovative mindset will adhere to the global demands. “What cannot be done by an individual can be accomplished by an individual,” he added.

Taking it further, Guest R.Varadarajan addressed the students in a much more informative manner. He emphasized the importance of manufacturing sugar and the need for the sugar industry across the country and the globe. Collaborating with alcohol, sugar is the key ingredient. Alcohol is an inseparable element in the social factor in terms of the economy and has its own variety of benefits. It lies in the way a person views it. If it is accepted for granted then it makes value only as booze.

Some deeper insights are where alcohol plays a vital role in the reduction of pollution. This is under the surveillance of the government to adopt this as a replacement for fossil fuels. Here is where he pinpointed that management is a study of irrelevant topics. It is not certain who will end up in which company or department. It is rather better to be prepared for any of it and be able to manage any firm.

He said, “The more you know the better you become. Nothing that you learn goes in vain. Implementing and structuring the acquired knowledge in the right format by identifying the ability of excellence is where good management is exhibited.”

Followed by this the release of the VIMS international journal ‘Vichaara’ was presided over by the dignitaries. The 13 news clubs of Public relations, Event management, Human resource, Finance, Logistics, Entrepreneur development cell, Placement cell,  Alumni cell, Techo management club, Marketing club, Language club, Quiz club and Public speaking club were introduced along with working facility.