Rajkumar’s Dentistry Opens New Hi – Tech Clinic

Rajkumar’s Dentistry headed by Dr Rajkumar Ratnasamy has been serving the people of Coimbatore for the past 27 years from its Clinic at Trichy Road. They have inaugurated their new spacious premises with several state of the art facilities at Subramanyam Layout, Near Rukmani Nagar, Sungam.

Dr Rajkumar, Chief Dentist at the clinic stated that Rajkumar’s Dentistry which has been known to provide excellent treatment in dentistry has been consistently offering various new treatments in dental care by introducing new technologies. This have resulted in high level of patient satisfaction. He said that the clinic is proud to launch for the first time in Kongu Region, the World’s Fastest Milling Machine which manufactures artificial teeth in minutes. Digital Dentistry is being used with Innovative Technologies and Software Solutions to diagnose and plan treatments.

A new in-house laboratory has been setup which enables design and creation of crowns, veneers and bridges with Speed and Precision. Further 3D printing will be used to create dental models  etc for faster treatment.

The New high end dental clinic was inaugurated by Padmashree Dr Mylsamy Annadurai, Former Director, ISRO Satellite Center and Vice- President of Tamilnadu State Council for Science & Technology. Dr Mylsamy Annadurai complimented Dr Rajkumar and his team for bringing New Technologies and world class equipment to manufacture custom made teeth and fix it with precise alignment.  The new clinic can be a fore runner in making Coimbatore a global dental health care destination. He stressed the need for the importance of taking care of dental health as a part of over all health care.

Speaking about the Chandrayaan 3 Mission he said that the life of the Vikram Lander was 14 days and it has fulfilled its mission. Even though, Pragyaan might be alive, communication may not be possible.

He said that the second spaceport of ISRO at Kulasekharapatnam should not only be used for setting up a launch center but also for manufacture of fuel for space missions, etc.  He said that now world over more counties including USA are now showing interest in exploring the moon. It may take India around 10 years to send a man to moon.

Dr Aruna Rajkumar stated that the twin focus on New Technologies and Patient Care has endeared them to more patients. It is now possible for patients who normally require multiple visits to have a Single visit treatment in the New Clinic which will help them to save considerable time and reduce inconvenience.