Founder’s Day Celebrations at SIMATS

Recently, the SIMATS School of Engineering wished and honoured the Founder with cultural performances, honours, and respect. This day serves as a reminder to SIMATS of its core values and aspirations. SIMATS, with its stature and reputation, was not built in a day.

SIMATS was proud to honour 491 Academic Toppers, 25 Student Toppers, and 53 Research Awards on this special occasion. 1172 students and 700 faculty members received appreciation awards. In addition, 148 awards were presented to various Departments in recognition of their dedication and hard work. SIMATS School of Engineering has received over 30 medals, awards, and certificates in a variety of disciplines such as academics, research, the top 2% of scientists, student awards, and much more.

SIMATS’ Founder’s Day, is unquestionably the most important day on the University’s calendar. On this occasion, Dr. N. M. Veeraiyan, Founder, President, and Chancellor, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Chennai, paid their respects to the Founder of the University. Chief Guest Kalaimaamani Solvendhar Suki Sivam, a Tamil Orator, Writer, and Motivational Speaker graced the occasion with his presence.