Shopsy expands across geographies

Shopsy has enabled sellers to enhance their reach to millions of Indians seeking affordability and a convenient shopping experience. The platform seeks to establish an ecosystem for local business owners – whereby they can leverage technology to bring about change and sell their products online.

The platform is driven by deep consumer insights and supports local sellers, especially in the Tier 2+ markets. It enables an expansive range of high-quality products at affordable prices making it the preferred shopping destination with over 65% of its consumer base coming from the tier-2 and beyond markets itself.

Srinivas D is a seller hailing from Tiruppur, a city in Tamil Nadu. After completing his Bachelor’s in Technology he promptly started contributing to his family business. He began his entrepreneurial journey by manufacturing, designing and selling their own brand of knitted clothes. After being recommended by a friend, Srinivas joined Shopsy and became a listed seller on the platform. Through Shopsy, Srinivas does not have to worry about travelling to other cities to sell his products or about timely payments. He learned about the nuances of e-commerce after joining the platform and is the first in the family to take their business online.

“Shopsy has consistently provided me with data on designs and verticals that would be profitable to invest in while helping with pricing and promotions. To scale up the businesses, Shopsy has helped my business reach the right audiences across India while improving productivity and efficiency. I receive significant orders and even greater sales as compared to other platforms.”