NABH- Nursing Excellence Certification presented to PSG Hospitals Nursing fraternity

Nursing professionals play a pivotal role in the health care system and spend more man hours with the patients than the doctors. Even as they render selfless service, it is also of paramount importance that this service is of high quality. The National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH) offers a Nursing Excellence Certification Programme which is an accreditation program certifying that the nurses of a particular Healthcare facility render quality care.

PSG Hospital is the first Teaching Hospital in Coimbatore to be granted the nursing excellence certificate by NABH. The Accreditation assessment was held for 2 days covering 7 chapters which include efficient management of resources, effective care of patients, management of medication, and communication and guidance on infection control practices among others.

The nursing team of the hospital demonstrated all the requirements of the quality standard to the satisfaction of the assessment team, which culminated in the grant of the certificate of accreditation on 22/9/2022, with a validity of 2 years.

Speaking at the award-granting ceremony, Dr. M. D. Anuratha, Nursing Superintendent, thanked the management and her team for the cooperation extended from the planning to training and execution. She informed me that her team planned to apply for this accreditation almost 2 years back, but had to hold back because of the pandemic. She praised all the nurses for not only braving to render service during this pandemic but also delivering it with humaneness and quality.

Dr. M. D. Anuratha received the Nursing Excellence Certificate from Dr. J. S Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Superspeciality Hospitals.

L. Gopalakrishnan, managing trustee of PSG & Sons’ Charities in absentia conveyed his wishes for the awardees.

Dr. J. S Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Superspeciality Hospitals welcomed the gathering. He commended the nursing team for their meticulous planning and motivation to obtain the certification. He stated, “It is a matter of pride that PSG Hospitals is the 12th medical college hospital in India, the 3rd medical college hospital in Tamil Nadu and the 1st medical college hospital in Coimbatore to receive this nursing excellence certificate from NABH!”

Dr. Vimal Kumar Govindan, a Professor of Surgery is also a NABH lead assessor for Hospitals and Healthcare providers. He gave an overview of this certification program and mentioned that such certifications stimulate continuous quality improvement twinned with safe, effective, competent and ethical nursing care.

Dr. A. Jayasudha, Principal, PSG College of Nursing, commended the Nursing Superintendent and her administrative team comprising the Deputy Nursing Superintendents, Assistant Nursing Superintendents and ward supervisors for teamwork and for conducting frequent training sessions to ensure holistic quality service. She congratulated the young nurses of the hospitals for their commitment and said that they stand to gain from this experience. She remarked that this exercise has helped in regulating, guiding and promoting the professional nursing practice in the hospital.

Dr. T. M. SubbaRao, Principal of PSGIMS&R delivered the vote of thanks. He appreciated the nursing fraternity for their unstinted service, especially during the COVID pandemic. When the world was at home, the nurses were at work. There can be no comparable human service, he remarked. He said that Quality is a journey and not a destination and said that recognition such as this, raises community confidence and provides an opportunity for healthcare units to benchmark with the best.