Platinum EVARA unveils its superlative designs

Platinum EVARA unveiled its top-notch exquisite platinum jewellery. The collection crafted from 95% pure platinum includes versatile designs ranging from captivating necklaces and alluring wrist wear to intricately crafted earrings and elegant rings.

Crafted with fluid dexterity, they symbolize the Evara woman’s indomitable spirit that remains resplendent, uninhibited and fearless as she takes pride in her own interpretation of femininity.

The collection includes dreamlike patterns, mobius loops, and grooves that reflect a unique design narrative that complements the inherent style of the Evara woman. The scattering, splintering, and expansive patterns along with the interrupted forms, fluid dimensions, and spatial elements come together to elaborate the many facets of the Evara woman’s unique personality and seamlessly align with her style statement.

Each piece in the collection is extremely versatile and lends itself easily to a wide variety of occasions- right from the boardroom to brunch.

Few latest collections include The Platinum Constellation, Platinum Wonderfully You Necklace, Platinum Fine Symmetry Danglers and Platinum Starfall.