Soliton announced an annual Scholarship for engineering aspirants

Soliton Technologies, a Coimbatore-based high technology Company specializing in automation software for the semiconductor, medical equipment, and manufacturing industries, completed its 25th year on December 18, 2022. In conjunction with its silver jubilee anniversary, Soliton announced an annual scholarship which identifies and enables 25 unconventionally creative and motivated school students to study engineering.

Addressing the press on their initiative, Ganesh Devaraj, Founder & CEO, Soliton, stated that the fate of the sector of engineering graduates relies on the entrance examinations across colleges in India. “The skills that we need students to develop are very different. Instead of years spent learning to solve tricky problems with well-defined answers, it is about working in uncertain situations to solve a problem with a team. It requires communication, presentation, teamwork, coordination, project management, risk management, and leadership skills. It is never too early to learn these skills, and the more time students spend in activities that help them develop such skills, the bolder, more innovative, and more successful professionals they will become.”

Over the past 25 years, Soliton has been hiring talented engineering graduates from colleges in Coimbatore and Tamil Nadu. It trained them in high technology areas and has given them a stage to create and provide innovative solutions to leading global companies for their challenging problems. Soliton’s engineers have won numerous international technical awards for their innovative solutions.

Mekhala Devaraj, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Soliton said, “As Soliton’s and other companies’ need for talented engineers continues to grow. As a part of our silver jubilee anniversary, Soliton is instituting a scholarship program to identify 25 school students annually who are passionate about pursuing engineering education and support them through their undergraduate degree program.”

These students may or may not get the high marks required for admission into good engineering colleges via the normal route but through this scholarship program, Soliton plans to develop evaluation methods and programs to identify the unconventional students who will become highly original and productive engineers and scientists.

Briefing on the parameters of selection, they stated that their prime focus is to take up 25 potential students from Government schools and aid them with all financial requirements for their educational pursuit. The scholarship facility caters to all streams of engineering and technology across various institutions in Coimbatore, facilitated through the company’s partnership with the respective institutions.

The scope for extra-curricular has risen on a massive scale in the recent past. Various sports leagues, talent shows and much more provide a space for many to exhibit their best talent version. Soliton’s scholarship shall be a route map to identify scientific/ engineering talents.