NGPCAS Organized Millet Expo

Under the G20 Indian Presidency Theme, the United Nations has designated 2023 as the “International Year of Millets (IYoM-2023)” to spotlight the nutritional significance of millets. The core theme, “HEALTHY MILLETS, HEALTHY PEOPLE,” underscores the critical role of millets in promoting health and nutrition.

In commemoration of this global initiative, students from Dr. N.G.P Arts and Science College organized “MILLET EXPO – 2023” on September 8th and 9th, 2023. The event showcased an impressive array of value-added millet products, ranging from Millet Pongal mix to Millet Brownie. Over 150 students actively participated, operating stalls featuring ready-to-eat millet-based items.

The expo witnessed robust participation from students and faculty from various departments, with products selling out rapidly. Millets, known for their superior nutrient content compared to major cereal crops, play a pivotal role in ensuring nutrition security. Beyond promoting millet-based products, the expo served as an educational platform, enhancing awareness of millets’ importance in supporting health and well-being.