NGP School conducts Kindergarten Project day

The NGP School recently organized the Kindergarten Project day at the school premises. Working models like the Solar system, Day and night, Rainbow water walking and bouncing eggs & Non-working models like a Roof garden, saving trees, saving paper, photosynthesis, parts of the Plant and much more were displayed.

Other topics like sense organs, parts of the body, seasons, various landforms, extinct & endangered animals, insects, transport, vehicles, traffic signals and road safety strengthened their competence to think and analyze critically.

Chief guest Hemalatha Jawahar, Correspondent – NMS Crèche examined the displayed projects. Wherein, one of the most important topics was “Say No To Plastics”, creating awareness against pollution.

Mathematics in real life showed buildings with geometric shapes, Colours, Basic Addition, Subtraction, Number line addition and Pre math concepts. Linguistic skills were displayed in many forms with the main message of ‘The Importance of Reading Books”.