Magniflex and Symphony Join Hands to Showcase Premium Sleep Solutions

Magniflex and Symphony recently collaborated to host an exclusive event in Coimbatore, aimed at introducing the city’s emerging architects to Magniflex’s premium line of mattresses, pillows, and sleep accessories. This partnership between Symphony, a home décor brand, and Magniflex, Italian luxury mattress manufacturer, signifies the start of a promising alliance within the architectural community in Coimbatore. Together, their mission is to redefine the concept of sleep as a luxurious and rejuvenating experience for individuals across India.

In today’s rapidly changing architectural landscape, architects are not just technical experts but also influencers of their clients’ lifestyles. Recognizing the significant impact architects have on their clients’ lives, Magniflex aims to establish a strong presence within the architectural community, especially in Tier 2 cities.

Anand Nichani, MD of Magniflex India, emphasized, “In today’s evolving environment marked by changing lifestyles and increasing prosperity in Tier 2 cities, there is a growing interest in premium mattresses and sleep accessories. Discerning consumers seek to enhance their sleep quality, leading to improved wellness and overall health for themselves and their families.”

Nichani further highlighted that Magniflex’s range of mattresses blends aesthetics and luxury, crafted with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology. These mattresses offer an unparalleled sleeping experience, promising users the rejuvenation they deserve.

The event provided Coimbatore’s young architects with a unique opportunity to explore Magniflex’s product range, designed to cater to diverse preferences and needs and gain insights into the advanced technology and craftsmanship behind each product, making them the ultimate choice for luxury in sleep.