Sankara Eye Hospital establishes ‘Myopia iWellness Clinic’

Cognizant Foundation has collaborated with Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust and Sankara Eye Hospital in Coimbatore to establish a dedicated ‘Myopia iWellness Clinic,’ aimed at expanding the services of the hospital’s Paediatric Ophthalmology Department. The inauguration of this clinic was graced by Dr. Nandini Rangaswamy, Director of the Cognizant Foundation, serving as the Chief Guest.

Dr. Ramani, Founder and Managing Trustee of Sankara Eye Foundation, expressed their commitment to providing exceptional eye care with a social impact. They emphasized that uncorrected and progressive myopia not only affects children but also has repercussions for their parents. Thus, the iWellness Clinic plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every child can enjoy optimal vision.

Nandini Rangaswamy highlighted the shared dedication of the Cognizant Foundation and Sankara Eye Foundation India to delivering quality eye care services to children in the community. This initiative aims to enable early detection and treatment of myopia, ultimately enhancing eye health among school-going children in Coimbatore and the surrounding rural areas.

Dr. Rajesh Prabu, Head of Paediatric Ophthalmology at Sankara Eye Hospital, emphasized myopia as a public health issue leading to visual impairment and other ocular disturbances. He noted that 80% of a child’s learning depends on clear vision. The iWellness Clinic will provide a customized approach for each child with minimal disruption to their lifestyle, offering treatments for myopia and strategies to slow its progression. It will leverage the expertise and research conducted at Sankara Eye Foundation India, which has shown the effectiveness of lifestyle changes, nutrition, specialized medication, and customized spectacles and contact lenses.

The event was graced by guests of honour Maya Sreekumar, VP, HR & Head of Operations & Cognizant Coimbatore Centre Head, Dr. Ramani, Founder & Managing Trustee and Dr. Radha Ramani, the Co-Founder of Sankara Eye Foundation India. Dr. Shruthi Tara, along with other doctors and medical professionals from the hospital also participated in the event.