Siruthuli and HCL Foundation Join Hands for Massive Plantation Drive

On the occasion of the 47th HCL Day on August 11, 2023, a new plantation site was inaugurated within the expansive premises of Central Training College, CRPF – Coimbatore. A collaborative effort between HCL Foundation, Siruthuli, and CRPF, the project aimed to enhance the region’s green cover and environmental sustainability. The inauguration ceremony was led by Ajay Bharatan, IGP – CRPF, alongside CRPF personnel and senior executives from HCL Foundation and Siruthuli.

During the event, Ajay Bharatan stated, “The campus was established in 1996 and initially lacked any green vegetation. Through the combined efforts of CSR donors, non-governmental organizations, and our dedicated CRPF commandants, the CTC Camp has undergone a remarkable transformation, now adorned with lush greenery. It is evident that the micro-climate has experienced a positive change in comparison to the urban environment of Coimbatore.”

The Phase I of the project, involved the planting, nurturing, and maintenance of 20,000 native trees across 10 acres of land, which yielded significant improvements in air quality and humidity over the past 2 years. The newly inaugurated plantation site will also follow the Miyawaki model, rapidly increasing urban green spaces.

In Phase 2, the project will witness the planting of 10,000 native saplings on approximately 7 acres by the end of FY23-24. Over 20 volunteers from HCLTech and State Street-Coimbatore, Siruthuli staff, and more than 150 CRPF personnel actively participated in the plantation drive, successfully planting 2500 saplings on the same day.



As part of HCL Day celebrations, HCLFoundation has planted over 47,000 saplings across the country this year in collaboration with CSR partners and government agencies. Siruthuli will oversee the nurturing and maintenance of the saplings for a duration of 3 years, with the support of HCL Foundation and CRPF.