CM Stalin distributes welfare assistance in Coimbatore

Chief Minister MK Stalin laid the foundation stone for new projects, alongside launching various completed projects in Coimbatore. Meanwhile, he distributed welfare assistance to more than one lakh people.

He received a grand welcome wherein various party members across the state were gathered during the event.

While addressing the gathering during the welfare distribution, CM Stalin stated that Tamil Nadu is gaining rapid progress in all sectors and other states are considering the TN government plans in terms of development. This came out in the context of the free bus for women and free electricity.

He applauded the industrial growth of Coimbatore in being the leading South Indian City giving Export Import codes to Tamil Nadu.

In addition, he struck against the political unrest within ADKM. He added stating none is close to criticizing DMK and the party’s initiatives. He said, “I love criticism”.

(more details awaited)