TN’s first live Domino Liver transplant

GEM Hospital, Coimbatore has successfully performed Tamil Nadu’s first Domino Living Donor Liver Transplantation. A team of 25 doctors performed the 12 hours of this successful surgery. 


Domino liver transplant is a three-person process of transplanting the liver from a patient with a rare metabolic disorder and implanting it into a patient with end-stage liver disease. 

Dr Palanivelu, Chairman of GEM Hospitals stated that the 45-year-old had suffered a rare metabolic disorder Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy (FAP) wherein abnormal protein deposition in the tissue simultaneous result in cardiomyopathy. It was advised that the only cure was through liver transplant though his liver was functionally normal. 


He added stating that a 61-year-old patient with cirrhosis and liver cancer waiting for a transplant matched the parameter for the domino transplant. The GEM team, Dr Anand Vijai, Clinical Lead of Liver Transplantation, Dr Swaminathan Sambandam, Head of Liver and Multi-Organ Transplant services, Dr Vignesh, Dr Prabhakar of Anesthesia Team and Liver Critical Care specialists Dr Diwakar and Dr Raghunath had performed the surgery on June 6th. The doctors reported their firm recovery post-surgery.


Finally, he said, “Maximum number of kidney and liver transplants were carried out at GEM even during the pandemic.” 


“This surgery will lead to the awareness among people regarding organ transplant, especially liver transplant”, he said.