Course5 Intelligence extends hiring at Coimbatore outlet

Course5 Intelligence, Analytics & AI Solutions Company, launched its new facility in Coimbatore. The launch aims to attract local talent and augment growth. The new facility will hire data scientists, data engineers, analytics specialists and AI scientists for large-scale business projects. AI-based research projects in collaboration with the top Engineering colleges will be facilitated.

The key focus of the company attains to nurturing high-quality talent with excellence to the clients. Reportedly, the company plans to hire over 2000 Analytics & Data Science professionals in the city in a phased manner over the next few years.

Course5 Intelligence caters to many Fortune 500 companies including the span Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT), Pharma & Lifesciences, CPG, Retail and other sectors.

Ashwin Mittal, Chairman, MD and CEO of Course5 Intelligence, said, “We believe that there is tremendous talent available in this region and we will bring our proven process of Course5 University to propel that talent base to success.”