TNAU alumni reunite after 4 decades

Uniting with friends after decades certainly is an overwhelming emotion. The TNAU alumni of the 1977-81 batch, B.Sc (Agriculture) and B.Sc (Horticulture) organized a reunion. As many as 54 alumni had arrived from across India, the USA and New Zealand. Reported that the batch mates met after 41 years after graduation.

Geethalakshmi, the Vice Chancellor of the university, released the “Tatler 81 2.0 version”, a book which captures the vicissitude of life of every old student of the batch.

During their reunion, the alumni contributed Rs 5,00,000, creating the “AGRI-HORTI 1977-81 ENDOWMENT FUND”.

The gathered alumni visited the university campus to relive their student days making the reunion enduring memory.