Sasi Creative College celebrates & honours the remarkable talents

Sasi Creative Colleges Hosts Three-Day Extravaganza recently which showcased the pinnacle of creativity, innovation, and achievement within the design community.

The event encompassed an array of activities, including an Open House, the prestigious Stellar Achievers Awards ceremony, and the graduation ceremony for the esteemed Batch 2018-2023.

Day One: Open House Exhibition

The event kicked off with an Open House exhibition, where the academic works of students from the previous academic year were proudly showcased. Parents and the general public were invited to explore the displays, providing them with a glimpse into the remarkable talents and accomplishments of the students.

 Day Two: Stellar Achievers Awards Ceremony

The highlight of the event was the Stellar Achievers Awards ceremony, a celebration of excellence in design across various disciplines. Designers from diverse backgrounds were nominated and recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Fenil Shah, Director of Design Lab at Ahmedabad University, who served as the esteemed chief guest, adding prestige and honor to the occasion.

 Day Three: Graduation Ceremony for Batch 2018-2023

The grand finale of the event was the graduation ceremony for the esteemed Batch 2018-2023. The graduating students were honored for their dedication, perseverance, and remarkable achievements throughout their academic journey. Chief guests Architect Rajeev Kathpalia from Vastu Shilpa Foundation and Fenil Shah from Ahmedabad University bestowed their wisdom and inspiration upon the graduating class, marking the commencement of their professional journey into the world of design.

The three-day extravaganza served as a testament to the commitment of Sasi Creative Colleges to nurture and showcase talent, foster innovation, and celebrate excellence within the design community.