Nilgiri College conferred with the Autonomous status

The Nilgiri College of Arts and Sciences has achieved the prestigious Autonomous status, which was awarded with the highest grade of NAAC A++ few months back. The Autonomous status was conferred by the University Grants Commission (UGC) based in Delhi. The college, operating under the recognition of the Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu, has been actively engaged in various academic initiatives to enhance its curriculum and programs.

Established in 2012, the college has implemented innovative projects in different disciplines, adapting to changing times and trends, thereby bringing a more dynamic approach to education. Ranked among the top 10 Arts and Science colleges in the country, it has consistently maintained its position through continuous efforts.

The college’s signature features include the Happy Campus, Skill Bank, Sports Academy, Happiness Launch Cabin, and the post-COVID Sustainable Village Project. Rashed Gazzali, a renowned motivational speaker and a leader in the field of Motivational Speaking, guides the college in its endeavors to excel academically and develop a more modern approach.

In the past four years, Nilgiri College has climbed the ranks in university rankings, establishing itself as a leading institution in academics too. Collaborating with the District Education Committee, the college has organized special training programs for faculty and students in the region.

Focusing on providing quality education, the college has partnered with local schools, facilitating special training sessions for both teachers and students. Emphasizing on practical knowledge, the college has organized various workshops and training programs, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

By integrating modern technology and agricultural practices, the college has contributed to the educational growth of students in the village. It has played a pivotal role in imparting knowledge about the aroma of the soil and promoting agricultural culture, thereby opening up possibilities for a cultural revolution.

Nilgiri College, with its strong foundation and visionary goals, envisions a brighter future for students not only in the local community but also on a global scale. The college’s commitment to academic excellence, combined with its cultural and technological advancements, makes it a prominent institution in the field of education.