Buyofuel joins hands with Sai Vasudev Briquettes

Coimbatore-based Buyofuel, India’s leading online marketplace for green fuels joins hands with Sai Vasudev Briquettes to make biomass briquettes available, affordable, and accessible for all. Notably, Buyofuel has built a vast network of raw material aggregators, biofuel manufacturers, fuel consumers and waste generators to bridge the demand and supply gap. This step is further aligned with its goal of replacing conventional energy sources, utilizing waste materials, accelerating decarbonisation and building a circular economy.

CEO of Buyofuel, Kishan Karunakaran said,”We are confident that this partnership will create a meaningful social impact, empower stakeholders and most importantly accelerate the adoption of clean energy sources by replacing fossil fuels.”

The importance of briquettes in combating climate change has been widely acknowledged as they are more efficient, cleaner, cheaper and eco-friendly than conventional fuels like coal or firewood.

Buyofuel will act as a direct link between the manufacturer, raw materials providers for the production of briquettes, sellers and the customers, thus benefiting all stakeholders. With this, it will ensure a regular supply of raw materials for manufacturing briquettes in addition to ensuring regular and direct market access. The step will further make it easier to take actions that contribute to the economy through productive interaction between businesses and individuals who want to contribute more towards a better environment.