Revenant reinvigorate with Xspark player Sayyam Otswal

Sayyam Otswal, the better-known BGMI professional player is said to represent the Revenant Esports team roster in the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown (BMSD 2022) LAN event from July 21-24.

He previously played for Team Insane in the NODWIN Loco All-Stars Invitational and enlisted under the top five fraggers list with 23 kills and a K/D ratio of 1.53.

Earlier, Revenant Esports announced their partnership with chip giant AMD and peripheral giant CORSAIR.

Rohit N Jagasia, Founder and CEO of Team Revenant, said, “In order to strengthen our BGMI roster, we have signed Sayyam as an assaulter. His experience of playing alongside BGMI veterans like Scout and Mavi, as well as the skill of going for the kill at crucial points will definitely be a plus point for us.”

Aiming to create a winning comeback in the upcoming events, Revenant rosters maintain a perfect balance among the existing members.

The BGMI Revenant Esports roster line up as Encore – Filter/Scout, Sayyam – Assaulter, Topdawg – Assaulter (Entry), Ky0ya  – Assaulter (Support) and Paradox – In-game Leader.