“Affordable advanced robotic cure for common people” – PSG Hospital performed first latest version of Robotic surgery in Coimbatore

Recently, PSG Superspeciality Hospital successfully performed 15 Robotic surgeries since June 30. Accordingly, it is the first of its kind in the latest version of the robotic surgery available in Coimbatore.

Robotic surgery is the progressive phase of Laparoscopy, with minimal invasive cuts up to 8mm, lesser than 1 centimetre. Alongside giving a positive result to the patient as well as causing minimal blood loss during surgery which results in quick recovery and mobility of the patient post-surgery. The robotic movements are completely under the surgeon’s surveillance throughout the surgery.

The PSG Hospital has installed the latest Robotic technology, the DaVinci X from Intuitive surgical, USA. It provides a magnified 3D visualization of the structure facilitating an easy observation during surgery.
Addressing the press, Dr K Balu, Surgical Gastroenterology, said, “This robotic surgery expedites the surgical process by penetrating into the minute areas of affliction, enabling accurate, efficient and more range of movements within the body during surgery.”

Dr J.S Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Hospital, added, “This multidisciplinary focus is launched here in PSG to ensure that advanced cure to various diseases is made available at an affordable price to common people as well. Our expertized team of doctors have excelled in bringing a successful result.”

They also reported stating their doctors underwent special technical training to carry out the robotic method. So far, the team have performed robotic surgeries for surgical gastroenterology, surgical oncology and pediatric surgery. Plans to expand these advanced methods across the departments of cardiothoracic surgery, gynaecology and urological surgery are being carried out and will be made available to the patient in the near future.

The current robotic surgeons of the Hospital are Dr Balu, Dr R Karthigeyan, Dr K S Rajkumar, Dr Arul Murugan, Dr A Paavai, Dr Cenita Sam, Dr Devi and Dr Vishranthi.