Kumaraguru Institutions’ Classical Music Forum

Kumaraguru Institutions Launched the Classical Music Forum ‘Tharangam’ with Renowned Carnatic Vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan recently.

Renowned Carnatic Vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan created waves with his musical performance marking the formal inauguration of Classical Music Forum – Tharangam.

The Classical Music Forum was aimed at celebrating the rich heritage of Indian classical music and providing a platform for budding talents. Tharangam will take the passionate members through an enchanting journey including the intricate melody and rhythmic cadences of Indian classical music.

The forum aspires to explore and learn the depths of ragas, talas, and the soulful expression woven by timeless compositions.

The inauguration evening had mesmerizing classical music performances by the students of Kumaraguru Institutions. Their performance captivated the audience, and set a harmonious tone for the event.  Sikkil Gurucharan’s performance was magical, and his soulful rendition transported the audience to a realm of pure bliss.

Shankar Vanavarayar, Joint Correspondent of Kumaraguru Institutions and Sikkil Guruchuran unveiled the logo of Tharangam which marked the beginning of a journey. Tharangam promises to be a beacon of light in an increasingly chaotic world, offering solace and inspiration to all who seek it.

Tharangam will offer courses in association with Shivanjali’s Temple of Fine Arts. Carnatic Vocals, Violin, Percussion – Mirudhangam courses will be offered from June 2024 on the campus as a 30 Hour Certificate Programme in each Semester.