Upstox’s mission is to empower every Indian

Upstox, India’s fastest-growing and highest-rated trading and investment platform, recently unveiled its innovative brand campaign, ‘Cut the Kit Kit, Get in the Market.’ With this campaign, Upstox aims to help retail investors cut through the clutter, noise, and overload of information to invest right.

Through its research, Upstox has recognized that the journey to investment success is often cluttered with challenges. This can often lead to decisions that may not align with an individual’s financial goals.

Recognizing these challenges, Upstox has taken the initiative to handle the heavy lifting and complexities for its users. The company wants to “Cut the Kit-Kit” (noise) of the market and encourage users to start creating wealth by investing in what’s right for them.

The company is also planning to launch two more campaign videos over the next few weeks. The films will depict how people often struggle with the right information when it comes to investing, but with Upstox; users can cut to the chase and get the guidance that lets them Invest Right.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Kavitha Subramanian, Co-Founder of Upstox, said, “India has traditionally been a nation of savers rather than investors. A significant barrier has been the lack of clear, accessible information, leading to poor investment decisions. Upstox’s mission is to empower every Indian with the right knowledge and tools to invest wisely across all asset classes.”