Royal Care hospital organized Workshop on ‘Improvising the Safety of Medical Devices’

Royal care hospital recently organized a national level workshop to promote the safety of medical devices, jointly with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The workshop focused to improve the protection of the health & safety of patients.

The workshop is named Materiovigilance, which is a vigilance programme to monitor the safety of medical devices like CT scan, MRI and other smaller equipment of the hospital. By monitoring the medical devices, hospitals could find out the defects of the medical equipment and rectify the defect and come up with advanced medical devices to provide effective treatment to the patients.

Dr. Madeswaran, Chairman of  Royal Care  Hospital, while addressing the  press, he said , “We hospitals and doctors ,while treating patients we use medical devices like CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, and other smaller equipments like pulse oximetry and blood products, to give effective treatment to patients it is very important to have  vigilant on medical devices. So as an initiative to monitor these critical medical devices, Indian government has an institution named Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission, under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Likewise, Royal Care also run Pharmocovigilance and Materiovigilance programme from 2017 under Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission. In the workshop we will share our experience on the vigilance of medical devices and spread awareness to develop all the hospitals to improve the standard of care.”  He also said that 250 attendees attended and got benefitted.