APTMA Appeals for Urgent Government Aid

The Andhra Pradesh Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has sounded an alarm over the critical condition of the state’s textile industry. The sector faces a barrage of challenges, including rising cotton prices, falling yarn rates, escalating power costs, and market imbalances post-COVID, severely impacting its financial stability.

Moreover, the non-disbursement of sanctioned subsidies, imposition of peak-hour power cuts, and recent additions like electricity duty charges and FPCCI charges have further aggravated the crisis. Consequently, several mills are struggling to meet financial obligations, with six mills already shutting down, and many others on the brink. This endangers the livelihoods of over a lakh direct and another one lakh indirect workers in the sector.

The APTMA urgently appeals to the Government of Andhra Pradesh for immediate intervention. Specific requests include the release of pending 192 crore power incentives and 1500 crore rupees related to subsidies, electricity subsidy concessions of Rs 2/- per unit as provided in Telangana, and exemption from recent charges. The association also urges the government to promote the adoption of sustainable energy solutions like solar and wind power.

The textile industry is a vital contributor to the state’s economy and a significant source of employment. Without prompt action, the industry, its workforce, and the state’s economy face grim consequences.