Pricol and Siruthuli Launches ‘Arogya Vanam’ Medicinal Tree Plantation

Pricol, in partnership with Siruthuli, has taken a remarkable step towards revitalizing the age-old practice of using medicinal plants and trees for healing. Their joint initiative, ‘Arogya Vanam,’ kicked off on September 24, 2023, in Pachapalayam, Perur Chettipalayam Panchayat, Coimbatore, with a mission to restore the value and therapeutic benefits of medicinal flora.

‘Arogya Vanam’ is a unique tree plantation project that houses a diverse collection of medicinal plants and trees, each possessing distinct healing properties in their bark, roots, leaves, and flowers. These plants offer tailored remedies for specific parts of the human body, not only promoting physical health but also fostering mental well-being. The plantation site is thoughtfully organized into sections dedicated to vital body parts, such as the heart, stomach, lungs, bones, skin, and other organs, encompassing a total of 120 varieties of medicinal plants and shrubs. These plants also contribute to bolstering the immune system.

This project follows the Miyawaki Model and includes the planting of 650 medicinal trees across the layout. Balasubramaniam, Chairman of Siruthuli, extended a warm welcome to the attendees, while Vanitha Mohan, Chairperson of Pricol and Managing Trustee of Siruthuli, shared the project’s inspiration—a visit by CSR Team of Pricol to the Kerala Forest Research Institute in Thrissur, where rare medicinal tree species on the brink of extinction were being revived.

The plantation planning received significant support from Thenmozhi of Sivam’s Thulir and Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore. Shanthi Prasad, President of Perur Chettipalayam Panchayat, expressed gratitude to Bannari Amman Foundation, Pricol, and Siruthuli for the donation of two battery-operated vehicles for garbage collection. She also pledged the Panchayat’s full support in maintaining ‘Arogya Vanam’ and collaborating with Siruthuli to make it a model Panchayat.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Sivaraman, MD of Arogya Healthcare, Chennai, underscored the efficacy of native herbs and medicines in his address and encouraged the audience to actively engage in supporting similar initiatives for a healthier environment.

The event also witnessed a generous contribution of Rs 5 lakhs to Siruthuli from the family of the late Dr. Shanmughanathan, presented by Kanakavalli Shanmughanathan, and a heartfelt tribute by planting 93 medicinal trees in memory of his late father by Dr. Raja Sabapathy, Director of Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore.

The launch of this project drew significant attendance from Trustees, Apex members, and staff of Siruthuli, executives, and staff of Pricol Ltd., Panchayat ward members, and the local community.

Ganesh, CEO & Executive Director of Pricol Ltd., conveyed the vote of thanks, marking the successful launch of ‘Arogya Vanam’ and the commitment to harnessing the healing potential of medicinal plants for the well-being of all.