Rathinam College and Coimbatore Police Partner to Combat Drug Abuse

In a potent anti-drug stance, Coimbatore City Police and Rathinam College of Arts and Science orchestrated a joint Anti-Drug Awareness campaign under Tamil Nadu State Government’s guidance. With 1500 students participating, the event featured the creation of a “NO DRUGS” structure, symbolizing the collective commitment to combat substance abuse.


Shanmugam, Coimbatore South Zone Deputy Commissioner, and S. Karikal Bhari Sankar, Assistant Commissioner, Pothanur Range, Coimbatore, joined Natesan, Inspector, Sundarapuram, in endorsing the program. Deputy Commissioner K. Shanmugam highlighted the benefits of a drug-free lifestyle, encouraging prompt reporting of drug-related issues to the police.

The event included a solemn pledge administered by Deputy Commissioner K. Shanmugam, followed by a rally led by officials R. Manickam CEO and Secretary and S. BalaSubramanian, Principal of RCASemphasizing collective responsibility.