AGs Health Care launches Sputnik V Vaccination Drive for public

Coimbatore AGs Health Care, the first standalone outpatient center in the city to be approved by the State Government as COVID Vaccination Center.

Dr.Adityan Guhan, Director AGs Health Care conveyed via a press release that this Centre has planned to launch Sputnik V Vaccination drive for the public from Monday (12.7.2021).

He also added that the Center has Planned to Vaccinate the Front line workers (Doctors, Health Care Workers, Press & Media Personal, Police), Senior Citizens, Transgenders, Specially challenged individuals, People with Co-morbid disease on Priority basis. The Slot for the Vaccination needs to be pre-booked through the COWIN portal.

Kindly contact 9659455556, 9566755517, 9566755519 for Any Queries regarding the Vaccination (or) Appointments. Email :