‘MY’ introduces fashionable safety products for traveling

‘MY’, a Coimbatore based Safety Lifestyle Brand, known for India’s first Pocket UV Sterilizer and UV Safe Sanitizer Box, has added two new safety lifestyle products to their line-up- ‘MY’ Overalls and ‘MY’ Mask Series 3 with Particulate Filter.

‘MY’ Overalls are designed to protect the wearer at all times. It is thoughtfully made to protect the individual throughout the length of the travel; whether on a plane or for shorter journeys in a taxi or subway, and can be removed at the destination. ‘MY’ Overalls can also be simply worn as an additional layer of safety to prevent viral strikethrough at all times.

The Overalls come in two variants: The First variant is Safety and lifestyle-oriented. These Overalls are designed with a virucidal outer layer to kill the viruses and have inner lining for thermal management.

The second is an AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) standard Level 2 fabric certified by SITRA (South India Textile Research Association), an Authorized body for Medical Fabrics.

The brand has also launched ‘MY’ Mask Series 3 with Particulate Filter. The Series 3 mask is made of Activated carbon and copper filters, as well as a Replaceable Particulate filter. The particulate filter is capable of filtering particles up to 2.5 PM (Particulate Matter) thus providing an extra layer of protection from viruses, bacteria, and pollution.