Dr. N.G.P. Arts and Science College conducted a Symposium on “AI FUELED FINANCE EVALUATION: TRANSFORMATIVE IMPACT OF AI IN THE FINANCE INDUSTRY,” organized by the Department of Commerce with Computer Applications (CA), on Tuesday.

In the Inaugural session, welcome address was given by  Vinisha., II B.Com.,(CA). The presidential address was given by Dr. Muthuswamy, Director of Academics, Dr. N.G.P. Educational Institutions. He shared his views and thoughts on technological innovation in the form of AI in all sectors. He also insisted the students learn about new technologies and innovations through AI for their future endeavors.

The Inaugural address was given by Dr.Ramamurthi, Principal, Dr.N.G.P Arts and Science College. He stated the influences of AI in Banking, Finance, and the Stock market and its Positive and Negative features.

An introduction about the symposium was delivered by Dr. Suganya, Head of the Department of Commerce CA. She shared the importance of the Transformative Impact of AI in the Finance Industry, which will be useful for students aspiring to enter this field. She also stated that the symposium is not merely an academic exercise but a crucial forum for students to gain practical insights, explore ethical considerations, and Build connections in the finance industry.

The Technical session was addressed by the Chief Guest, Dr. Balasubramanian, Associate Professor, and Vice Principal of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Kochin, Kerala. His academic background spans more than 18 years and also holds a Doctoral in behavioral finance. He was recognized with notable awards and scholarships, including the “Best Academic Cream Award”. He organized and participated in numerous conferences and seminars, both nationally and internationally.

He delivered a speech on “ AI-powered finance -From Manual to Magical” and stated that AI Provides, facilitates, and influences the fundamental technology of finance. AI in finance is modernizing the entire industry by streamlining the traditionally manual banking process and unlocking deeper inside from generated data.

With AI as part of their infrastructure, banks, investment firms, and insurance companies can use it to perform real-time calculations to forecast performance, detect anomalous spending behavior, or maintain compliance, among many other applications. Finally, He concluded that 77% of the AI is used for fraud reduction in the Banking and Finance Sectors.

The Technical Session -II was engaged by Rohit, the Quiz Master. He conducted a Business quiz for the outside college students participants of 125 students from 12 colleges in Coimbatore. At the end of the symposium, the Vote of thanks was given by  Preethi, II B.Com CA.