Run for Cancer Marathon by Uptown Confetti

In a dedicated effort to raise cancer awareness on World Cancer Day, Uptown Confetti successfully organized the “Run for Cancer” marathon on World Cancer Day. The event witnessed the participation of more than 2000 individuals, including children, and parents, contributing to the cause of cancer awareness.

Distinguished guests, including Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital’s Dean Prof. Dr. A Nirmala, Home Guards from Tamil Nadu Police, Coimbatore Division Deputy Area Commander, Natural Science Foundation Director, Iron Bull Consulting CEO, Sakthiram Foundation Executive Trustee  Thenmozhi Rajaram, Dr. Jain Aravind from Prodigy Montessori International School, Founder of Edwin’s Dance School, renowned Dance Choreographer, Custodian and Designer, and Fitness Instructor, flagged off the marathon, Edwin joined as special guest.

The marathon featured three categories: 1 km, 5 km, and 10 km, catering to various age groups and genders, including a special category for children and women. Parents enthusiastically participated alongside their children in this meaningful initiative. Total prize money of Rs 68,000 was distributed among the participants, with the men’s 10 km category offering Rs 10,000 for the first prize, Rs 7,500 for the second prize, and Rs 5,000 for the third prize. In the 5 km category, the first prize amounted to Rs 20,000, distributed among four individuals, covering male, female, male students, and female students. The second prize was Rs 12,000 each for male, female, male students, and female students. The third prize of Rs 8,000 was distributed in a ratio of 2,000 to each of the four categories. For the 1 km children’s category, the first prize was Rs 2,500, the second prize was Rs 2,000, and the third prize was Rs 1,000.