PSG Hospitals celebrate its triumphant 5000 successful Open Heart surgeries

The Departments of Cardiology and Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery of PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research celebrated their successful completion of 5000 open heart surgeries, recently. The celebration was titled ‘Open Heart 5000 Celebration CME’ and the event was on the theme ‘Celebrating the Past, Inspiring the future’.  The event was held in the Seminar Hall of PSG Hospitals.

Dr.J.K.Periasamy, Senior Consultant-Cardiologist, Coimbatore and Founder – Chairman, Dr.J.K.P. Medical Centre, Coimbatore and Dr.C.S.Vijayshankar, Senior Consultant- Cardiac Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai were the Guest Speakers.

Dr. G.Rajendiran,  Head, Department of Cardiology, PSG Hospitals welcomed the gathering. He expressed his happiness in having Dr.J.K.Periasamy  and Dr.C.S Vijayakumar  in the celebration. He proudly stated that the two men of eminence were always kind enough to grant their counseling in times of need and have shared their expertise in treating the patients and shaping the future physicians.

Dr.S.Ramalingam, Dean, PSG IMSR delivered the Keynote Address.  He recollected the humble beginning of both the departments (Cardiology in the year 1994 & Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery in 2000). He congratulated the departments for registering exceptional service to the public. He highlighted the theme of the celebration and spoke about it. He mentioned  the English playwright T.S.Eliot’s words that the past and the present are of a single continuum. He said that the effects of the past will shape the present, which will further impact the future.

Following this, a book authored by Dr. Murugesan,  Head, Department of Cardio-Thoracic & Vascular Surgery was released. The book was titled ‘Idhayam Kaapom’. It was released by Dr.J.K.Periasamy and the copies were distributed to the delegates.  Ensuing the book-release, the Guest Speakers presented the awards to the stalwarts of PSG IMSR. Post the award presentation, mementos were presented to the Guest Speakers.

Dr.Murugesan took the stage to show the gathering the successful crossing of the milestone by Team CTVS-PSG IMSR. “This is an opportunity to thank our team and the supporting departments” said Dr.Murugesan. He happily said that from the year 2000 to 2018, the hospital has saved 5000 lives that needed open heart surgery, which has resulted from the coordinated efforts. A testimonial was rendered by a patient of the hospital who was admitted in the hospital following two surgeries from other hospitals. Thanks to PSG, now this woman is breathing a sigh of relief.

Dr.Murugesan highlighted to the gathering the innovative research works the Hospital is doing to cure heart related ailments.

Dr. J.K.Periasamy took over the stage and spoke on the topic “Heart Attack : A Global Problem – How to Manage?” Before commencing his speech, he mentioned that he felt ecstatic to be at the campus once again. He also congratulated Dr.Murugesan for crossing this great milestone.

He began his speech with a request that technology has reached a super saturation level today and institutions like PSG Hospitals and its Institute of Medical Research which has big infrastructure and man power should extend this exemplary service for the years to come. He said, gone are the days when people thought villages and those who live in rural regions will not encounter heart related issues. He said heart ailments have become common everywhere in India: “What was the 6th cause of death in the past has become the 1st cause today”. He cautioned that survivors of heart attack have higher chances of encountering it again. He requested them to take care of their health by consulting cardiologists.

He reaffirmed that surgery and proper rehabilitation could increase the lifetime greatly. He wanted the doctors to spend more time with the patients and counsel them. He pointed out that modern treatment is unavailable to the commoners and some find it little hard to pay the price. However, he was so delighted to know that PSG Hospitals and its Preventive Cardiology department have done what others would not. “I am happy that you, unlike other corporate hospitals, have treatments to prevent cardio-related ailments” he said.

He urged the doctors to spend time with their patients to teach them to alter their lifestyle to avoid recurrence of heart attack.  He wanted the doctors to suggest their patients, yoga, meditation and proper diet.

Dr.Vijayshankar addressed the gathering on the topic “Stuck Valve – How to Manage?” He highlighted the contributions of Albert Starr, who invented the world’s first durable artificial mitral valve and is credited with being a co-inventor of the world’s first artificial heart valve in 1960. He then displayed a video to the gathering especially to the doctors about the finest way to do a Heart Valve Replacement Surgery.

The event came to an end with the Vote of Thanks which was proposed by Dr.R. Krishnanand Pai, Senior Consultant Cardiac Surgeon.