Audi to lead in EVs in India


As a part of India 2.0 turnaround, Volkswagen Group will be focusing on increasing market share, improving service, introducing new products and localising their presence in the country. All of these will be taken care by Volkswagen and Skoda. However, when it comes to electrification plans, the proceedings will be spearheaded by Audi.

The EVs are not feasible in the smaller, mass-produced segment. That is the reason why all the manufacturers are taking a top-down approach in their electrification plans. The same method will be followed by the German carmaker while bringing in the electric vehicles to the Indian shore. Moreover, the hybrid vehicles require two different powertrains and therefore it is an arduous task to pack such a powertrain in a budget-friendly vehicle.

According to the carmaker, the PHEVs are not cost effective for the lower segments, especially in India. Therefore, the EVs and hybrid vehicles in the country will be restricted to Superb/Passat and the likes. Although the Volkswagen Group has smaller electric products in the international markets, it will need a strong business case to introduce such cars here in India.  Therefore, Audi will be the one responsible to look after the electrification strategy of the brand.

The Ingolstadt-based carmaker already plans an electric onslaught of 20 electric and plug-in models by he 2025 ranging across all the segments. The e-tron is the first electric vehicle from Four Rings and it comes as a mid-sized premium SUV.