The Paper Merchants Association hosts AGM & Conference of FPTA 2023

This year AGM & Conference of FPTA will be hosted by The Paper Merchants Association, (Regd) Delhi on 28, 29, & 30 of December 23 at Delhi and it is where the Nominee President will be inducted as the new FPTA President on this 29th.

Chief guest of the event Piyush Goyal, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Guest of honour Yogesh Agarwal, Business Head of Bilt Graphic papers ltd, Vijay Kaul, CEO of Century puplp and paper and Presided by Aseem Bordia.

It is to be expected that all 500 delegates / life Members of FPTA are arriving from all over the country to attend the AGM & CONFERENCE along with various dignitaries and stalwarts from the Industry and The FPTA has its registered office at Mumbai.

The present FPTA President, Aseem Bordia supported by Bhavesh Gala from Mumbai as the Hon. Secretary and Raghav Kothari from Mumbai as the Hon. Treasurer.

The Nominee President Dalip Bindal along with Ramesh Garg President, Ajay Gupta Hon. Secretary and the newly elected body of The Paper Merchants Association Delhi appeal to one and all from the trade fraternity & paper industry to support The Paper Merchants Association, Delhi.