CII Coimbatore Education Panel Hosts “Spread the Spark’23” Event

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Education Panel successfully conducted the “Spread the Spark’23” event on 7-8 September 2023, in commemoration of Teachers’ Day. 


This event showcased the best and most innovative educational practices from across the state, serving as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among educational institutions.


A total of 27 exemplary best practices were presented by 18 esteemed colleges, representing a diverse range of disciplines, including engineering, universities, and arts and science colleges. These best practices covered a myriad of themes, encompassing various aspects of the education landscape.


The “Spread the Spark’23” event provided an invaluable opportunity for educators and academic leaders to delve into the contextual background, intricate processes, success indicators, and challenges faced while implementing these pioneering initiatives. These insights were shared through both address cum presentations and informative posters, enabling attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the showcased practices. Their eagerness to engage in meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange underlined the importance of collaborative learning and the shared commitment to enhancing the quality of education in India.


The themes of the best practices presented during “Spread the Spark’23” spanned a wide spectrum, including pedagogical innovations, technology integration, community engagement, and inclusive education strategies. Each presentation emphasized the importance of continuous improvement in the education sector and demonstrated the transformative power of innovative teaching methodologies. The event served as a catalyst for the dissemination of best practices that can be adopted across educational institutions, ultimately benefitting students and the entire education ecosystem.”


As the “Spread the Spark’23” event concluded, participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and an expanded repertoire of educational strategies to implement in their respective institutions. The CII Education Panel looks forward to building on this success and extends a warm invitation to all institutions to join “Spread the Spark’24,” where the torch of innovation and excellence in education will continue to shine brightly.