Siruthuli Leads Multiple Plantation Drives for World Environment Day

Siruthuli, a leading environmental organization, conducted multiple plantation drives in Coimbatore as part of the World Environment Day celebrations. In collaboration with various partners such as Axis Bank, Indian Oil Corporation, Bosch, and Apexon, Siruthuli planted saplings and raised awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.
In Valankulam, the District Collector and Corporation Commissioner inaugurated the drive, with Siruthuli aiming to plant over 100 saplings to improve air quality and reduce temperatures. At a separate event, Siruthuli and Axis Bank conducted an awareness camp highlighting the significance of water body conservation, with volunteers from PSG College of Arts and Science participating.
In Perur Chettipalayam, Siruthuli partnered with Indian Oil Corporation to establish a new plantation site that will eventually house 1,000 native species. Senior officials from Indian Oil Corporation planted saplings to mark the project’s commencement.
Siruthuli collaborated with Bosch and Apexon for separate events in Thudiyalur, focusing on cleanliness drives and plantation activities. These initiatives involved employees from the respective organizations engaging in activities to promote tree growth and enhance environmental awareness.
Under the leadership of Managing Trustee Vanitha Mohan, Siruthuli’s efforts across various verticals, including afforestation, water body conservation, and awareness campaigns, were showcased during the World Environment Day celebrations.
These plantation drives and awareness camps contributed to the city’s environmental sustainability and reinforced the importance of responsible environmental practices. Siruthuli’s dedication to protecting natural resources and promoting a greener future received support and appreciation from local authorities and corporate partners.