SKCET holds G20 Young Ambassador Summit 2023

Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore hosted the G20 Young Ambassador Summit 2023 on Monday with the theme ‘Fuelling the Future of Global Youth’. R.N.Ravi, Governor of Tamil Nadu was the Chief Guest, Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, L.Murugan and G20 Sherpa – Government of India Amitabh Kant were the Guests of Honor.

Malarvizhi, Managing Trustee, and Adithya, Trustee of Sri Krishna Institutions made the inauguration along with the guests. Various accomplished entrepreneurs, academicians, and students from various Educational Institutions took part in the event. Governor R.N. Ravi honoured the Panelists.

Malarvizhi, Chairperson felicitated the Governor. She said,” The students should use this opportunity to represent the voice of global youth and advocate their dreams, needs and aspirations.

“The world is facing many challenges like climate change, poverty, destruction of biodiversity, food and undernourishment, health and India can offer a ray of hope to address many of these issues”, Minister Murugan said.

While addressing the gathering, Governor of Tamil Nadu R.N.Ravi remarked all the youth, especially the ones taking part in the summit are not future leaders but leaders in the making today. Hence, they all have to play significant roles to make their future better, starting today. He wanted them to come up with recommendations that can fulfil their dreams, present them before G20, and influence the leaders of this great body to make their recommendations come true. So that the future can be a better world that is safe for living in and a place where they can dream and aspirations can be fulfilled.

“The G20 is a powerful group. It can change the destiny of the world. It has far more potential to transform than other bodies in the world,” Governor Ravi said.

He highlighted the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (meaning The World is One Family) system that India has created and deployed on itself. And added that PM Narendra Modi doesn’t see India as different geographies but as one family. The various welfare schemes that were rolled out in the last 9 years, like the Ayushman Bharat scheme were for all.

He mentioned that the Indian Government policies under PM Modi rolled out for the whole nation’s development. Prior to this regime, India had just around 500 startups whereas now it is almost heading to reach 1,00,000 startups.

He commented that India’s way of seeing the country as one family will be invaluable in its G20 Presidency. While many powerful nations developed covid vaccines and followed India’s ‘Vaccine Nationalism’, i.e, India took care of the vaccine needs of several countries, as it sees the world as one family.

G20 Sherpa of India, Amitabh Kant shared the massive transformation that India had under PM Modi in the last 9 years. India has been able to digitise its economy in a big way. Over a billion people have digital identities today. Between 2015-17, 500 million bank accounts were created. It was ensured that more than 900 million mobile phones do fast mobile payments.

“In 8 years, India has built about 30 million houses and 110 million toilets provided to people. 243 million got access to Pipe water, laid 55000 km of roads and issued vaccines to all the citizens 2 billion+ doses through a paperless/ digital way. 500 million people in India are provided health insurance. All these are massive transformations that would have normally taken 50 years for India to do but were done in 8 years, according to the Bank of International Settlement. This is due to the digital transformation we have done. This is the developmental and political narrative that we set”, he said.

“Meanwhile, there are 4 billion people around the world who don’t have a digital identity, 2.5 billion people do not have bank accounts, 135 countries don’t have fast payment facilities, therefore they will have great difficulty to have digital education, digital agriculture, digital health. Hence the Indian model needs to be taken to the world”, he opined.

Later, held the panel discussion event under the theme “Blended Education for all using Digital Technology” and “Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship: by eminent speakers. The Valedictory event was graced by Gautami Tadimalla, Indian Actress. Janet, Principal, SKCET proposed a vote of thanks. More than 1200 students from various institutions participated in this summit.