KVIM aware students on Anti-drug & Anti-Ragging

KV Institute of Management and Information Studies organized “an Awareness program on Anti-Drug and Anti Ragging recently.

The main objective of this program is to educate students about the harmful effects of drugs and the negative impacts of ragging, promoting a healthy and safe environment within the college campus.

The chief guest of the program was Muralikrishnan. K, District Tobacco Control Cell, Department of Public Health, Coimbatore, and Nazer Sheriff. M, Block Health Supervisor, SS Kulam, Coimbatore. The keynote of the guest lecture is to Enforce strict anti-ragging policies in alignment with regulatory guidelines, clearly outlining prohibited behaviors and disciplinary measures.

The orientation sessions were for upcoming students and to raise awareness about the college’s stance against ragging and the consequences of engaging in such activities. Increased awareness and understanding of the risks associated with drug abuse and ragging among students, faculty, and staff, cultivated a campus culture characterized by accountability, empathy, and solidarity, where students feel empowered to uphold shared values and intervene in problematic behaviors.

The anti-drug and anti-ragging initiatives implemented by the institution reflect the commitment to fostering a safe, healthy, and inclusive learning environment. Through collaborative efforts and proactive measures, the institution strives to prevent and address these challenges effectively, ensuring the well-being and success of the campus community.