KMCH College of Nursing organized workshop on Infection Control

KMCH College of Nursing, organized a workshop on infection control & patient safety, recently.

The workshop aimed to enhance knowledge and skills related to infection control and patient safety among nursing students and healthcare professionals. It also aimed to highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in ensuring patient safety.

The workshop commenced with an inaugural session which began with a prayer. Dr. Pavithra addressed the gathering, emphasizing the crucial role of nurses in ensuring patient safety. The presidential address was delivered by Prof. Dr. S. Madhavi, Principal of KMCH College of Nursing.

The Malaysian Rubber Council team was the Special Guest. Samir Shah, from the council, delivered the chief guest address. The team shared valuable insights into the manufacturing, distribution, and utilization of various types of gloves in countries like the US, China, and India.

They also showcased different types of gloves used in the medical sector, allowing students to observe and understand the different materials used in glove manufacturing.

Students had the opportunity to observe and learn about various types of gloves used in the medical field. The Malaysian Rubber Council team provided valuable information on the proper selection and use of gloves, enhancing the participants’ understanding of infection control measures.

The organizers extend their gratitude to all the participants, speakers, and the Malaysian Rubber Council team for their valuable contributions—special thanks to Jeevitha for delivering the vote of thanks.