What does this letter say about tyres?

Tyres are the reason why we enjoy driving and are responsible for our safety on the road. And also tyres help us to reach our destination.

Knowing the shelf life and maximum designed speed of our tyres is crucial for a safe and comfortable driving experience.  The speed rating for each tire is indicated by a letter on the tyre wall, ranging from L to H. Most people will ignore the markings but if we know about the fact we could avoid accidents.

Additionally, the tyre’s shelf life is indicated by a four-digit number on the wall, with the first two digits indicating the week of manufacture and the last two indicating the year. It’s important to note that a tire’s validity is typically two to three years from the date of manufacture. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that our tyres can withstand the pressure of high speeds to avoid accidents.

Many tire explosions occur due to increased speed, and continuous usage without servicing it, and this can be prevented by checking the letter indicated on your tires. Each wheel or tire has a certain speed rating, with the letter L meaning a maximum speed of 120 km/h and the letter H meaning above 210 km/h.

The letter M means 130 km, N means 140 km, P means 150 km, Q means 160 km, and the letter R means 170 km.

So, let us all be safe on the road by knowing our tyre’s maximum designed speed and shelf life. And happily reach our destination to meet our loved ones.