It is the safest and best place to invest to all

Most people think that investment is a long process and complicated so they quit.

The post office is a good and safe investing place. Like the ‘Mahila Samman Savings Scheme’ which is mainly for girl children where people can invest up to 2lakh and after the 2-year mature period can generate 32,000 as interest. ‘Postal life Insurance Policy’ is also a good insurance policy with a lump sum. People can invest 399Rs/year and can get up to 10,00,000 after the mature period.

The other scheme is the ‘Post Office Monthly Income Scheme,’ where the people will get monthly benefits with an interest rate of 7.4%. This scheme will be more useful for students’ education every month, and ‘Sukanya Samriddi Yojana’ which is specially for girls under 10 where people invest 250 monthly and can withdraw all of the amount after the child turns 21 or can withdraw partially as well. There is also the ‘Senior Citizen Savings Scheme’ with an 8.2% interest rate, where they can save their pensions multiply the amount, and live independently.

These post office schemes are backed by the government so the money will be safe and the toil of all will have a double benefit which will also safeguard our loved ones. Savings of us will replace us in our absence and be pillars of the family.