Data of 100 million users of Quora hacked.

Social Media Sites encounter data breach often and recently Quora – a site for asking and answering questions has been hacked by the unknown parties. It was reported that 100 million accounts have been hacked. Quora’s user base has 37.9% Americans and standing next in line is India with 17.5% users. The hack has been observed by Quora recently and it apologized to its users for failing to protect their data. The site advised users to change their password and informed them that they have logged out the users whose account it fears to have been compromised.

The site stated that the names, Email ID and data that are imported through their linked networks that are authorized by users are all compromised.  Acknowledging the data breach, Quora said that it has identified the root cause of the intrusion and assured it will escalate its security.

Quora is run by former Chief Technology Officer of Facebook, Adam D’Angelo.  It is not an ordinary website run by amateurs. If sites like Quora and Facebook could be hacked and data, stolen; imagine the level at which the hackers are up-skilling themselves! Has the established internet giants gone too soft on their commitment to the quality of security.