ELGI equipments donates a special vehicle for differently abled people

ELGI Equipment’s Limited donated one wheel- chair and stretcher accessible specially designed Force Tempo Vehicle for the use of differently abled and spine injured persons at a cost of Rs.41 lakhs to Ganga Spine Injury Foundation.

Wheel-chair & Stretcher accessible Vehicle with Lift facility

The vehicle is first of its kind in our State specially designed and customized for spine injured patients and differently abled persons. This will be used for transporting the spine injured patients from hospital to rehabilitation centre, from their residence to the rehabilitation centre for undergoing physiotherapy and other services and also to drop the patient at the hospital or to their home. The vehicle will also be used for the differently abled for participating in sports events by transporting them to and for from their home/rehabilitation centre to the sports venue. Further, this will be used for their travel to reach vocational training centres/ various institutions to undergo training for undertaking socio-economic activities. Since the spinal injured rehabilitated patients has to be transported in a safe manner, the vehicle is specially designed to cater to their needs. It is having an inbuilt lift which enables wheel-chair bound patients as well as stretcher patients to get into the vehicle by using the lift. The lift is having facility of both battery operated and manual.

During the transit, safety belts can be used to tie the wheel chairs to avoid any kind of jerk to the patients. It is having first aid kit, oxygen cylinders and suction apparatus for emergency care. Six wheel chairs and one stretcher and also two caregivers can be accomodated and is fully air- conditioned.