Former King of Good Times laments on Twitter; offers 100% payback of KFA Loans

Vijay Mallya, one of India’s most wanted willful loan defaulters has once again expressed his offer to give 100% payback of the loans he had taken from several Indian Banks.

Mallya who is in the UK has been charged for fraud and money laundering. He is defending himself from being extradited to India to face the charges against him.

He placed his Kingfisher Airlines fiasco with the Jet Airways’ current economic situation and said that like Jet his airline business also had met failure. Mallya has failed to understand that he is being criminally charged for evading from loan payment and other financial fraud activities while the authorities of Jet were not.

The self-though Martyr in Mallya posted 2 tweets expressing his desire to repay the loan in whole but sadly for him the banks are selling his properties and recovering the value from them.