Parking joins best small budget films race

It is a remarkable year for Tamil cinema as small budget films are winning with good content such as Chiththa, Paramporul and now Parking joins the list with tight screenplay. Parking is about an ego struggle between Ishwar and Ilamparuthi for getting parking spot in the same building as they are living as tenants.

Harish Kalyan (Ishwar) had done a handful of love oriented subjects but in this film he has come out of his comfort zone and gives life to the character, exceptionally in the Interval block where Ishwar enraged for the parking spot. For M.S. Bhaskar (Ilamparuthi) as being a versatile actor it was a cakewalk for him. Indhuja Ravichandran and Prarthana had done their roles perfectly. Sam C.S background music gives tone for the film, Editing by Philomin Raj and Cinematography by Jiju Sunny were top notch work.

Even though this film takes time to settle in the first half overall this seat edge drama directed by Ramkumar Balakrishnan gets 3.5/5 rating and will be a perfect watch for this weekend.