Indefinite Strike by Stone Quarry Association Paralyzes TN Construction Sector

The indefinite strike initiated by the Tamil Nadu Stone Quarry, Crusher, and Lorry Owners Association on June 26, 2023 has caused a major crisis in the construction sector of Tamil Nadu. The association’s demand for relaxation of mining rules on minor minerals essential for road construction and building projects has resulted in a shortage of crucial construction materials such as jelly stones, M sand, P sand, quarry dust, and ready-mix concrete. As a consequence, the construction industry has come to a standstill, affecting the progress of infrastructure projects and causing job losses for thousands of labourers. Gugan Elango, President, CREDAI Coimbatore, expressed concern over the situation, stating, “This has made the construction industry in the State come to a grinding halt”. The strike has also led to transportation disruptions, exacerbating the shortage and driving up prices. CREDAI Coimbatore has urged the Quarry Owners Association to engage with the government and find a resolution while seeking immediate government intervention. Aravind Kumar Secretary CREDAI Coimbatore states “At a time when the construction sector has been returning to normalcy, this has become a big setback”.