Britannia urges Indians to Consume Good Quality Protein

On National Protein Day, i.e., 27th February, Britannia Industries Limited, one of India’s largest Foods & Dairy Companies, spoke about their new consumer promise with their protein-rich cheese through the launch of #StartProteinStrong campaign.

According to India’s Protein Paradox*, the underconsumption of protein in Indian households can be pinned down to several influencing factors, a crucial one being the inability to identify the correct sources of protein. Proteins are an important macronutrient and should be an essential component of any diet. However, a study by ICMR in 2020 a meagre five per cent of rural Indians and 18 per cent of the urban populace in the country consume the recommended amount of good quality proteins. On National Protein day, Britannia through its new campaign #StartProteinStrong, aims to educate consumers about the role of Britannia Cheese as a source of good quality protein. 

Made with the goodness of cow’s milk, two slices of Britannia Cheese are equivalent to one glass of milk, or 35g of paneer, in terms of protein content. Cow’s Milk is also known to have the highest quality of protein amongst vegetarian sources.

The brand thus aims to encourage Indian parents to include Britannia Cheese as a rich and delicious source of good quality protein as part of their children’s diet. Nearly 95% of Indian mothers know about protein as a macronutrient, but only 3% really understand its important functions and why one should consume it.

The launch of this new range portrays how Britannia Cheese is committed towards providing a solution to this rather astonishing gap in good quality protein consumption patterns amongst Indians.