Expert from LMW speaks about Digital Marketing at DJAME

D.J. Academy for Managerial Excellence organized an event as a part of Corporate Connect which is an industry institution interaction initiative, in which V.Shankar, Head (GM) – Digital Marketing, LMW Coimbatore, spoke on the topic “Does Digital Marketing really help businesses thrive? The What, Why and How of Digital Marketing” recently.

Shanker started the session by sharing his views on how far we have travelled from sending a telegram message through post office to the current scenario where we use plethora of free apps to disseminate information all over the world. He quoted that any business which is tasting success because of Digital Marketing have “Power skills” to sustain in the market. He then explained what digital marketing is, its advantages and the importance of having in-house Digital Marketing team for any business.

Shanker took the audience through the Digital Marketing – 360 Degree Approach, He explained all the concepts in this approach and dwelt in detail about the Content Marketing through blogs, vlogs, Quiz, Polls, thought leadership, e-magazine etc, He insisted on the importance of content for any digital marketing efforts and the customer engagement through that. He asserted that “Content is King & Engagement is Queen”. He also touched upon the latest trends in Digital Marketing, the activities to be noted in each stage of Digital Marketing – Pre-launch, During the launch and Post launch of any campaign. He elaborated on various tools used in Digital Marketing for the purpose of Key word Research, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Analytics, Social media, Marketing Automation etc.

The session was followed by a Q&A session. Students and Faculty members of DJAME and other institutions took part in this interaction initiative.