Snickers launches campaign with a twist on hunger pangs

Popular chocolate-flavored candy bar Snickers has roped Bollywood actor Vinay Pathak, alongside actor Vedika Nawani, for a new brand ad film that shows a humorous take on ‘Hunger Pangs’ that consumers have often seen and loved in iconic Snickers ad films.

The new TVC depicts a departure from the usual change in personality of the protagonist, to an unusual and outlandish act or decision. As seen in the film where Vinay Pathak, portraying the role of a father, ends up buying a ‘monster’ truck during a hunger pang to “win the race of life”. He eventually realizes the foolishness of his purchase when he eats a Snickers, the nougat, caramel and nuts filled chocolate bar, on his daughter’s insistence.

Sharing his experience on the association, Vinay Pathak said “Snickers has always been one of my favourite chocolates and I was absolutely delighted to collaborate with such a cool brand. It is rather the best thing to grab; it is my saviour when I want to satiate my hunger pangs, especially when I am working and hunger merges with stress and anger.”